My pico day game!

2009-04-14 10:05:44 by Darknes2

yea, so i figured i would just go ahead and tell where im at on making my pico day celebration tribute.

alright mine is called "Pico Cannon" you see how far you can shoot pico out of a cannon, i know what your thinking "More like cat cannon rip off" and yes.. but so is the gnome cannon anyway its a fun idea and ilm adding my own twists to it so yea.

herels a screen shot below . at the moment i'm done with the menu at the menu you can shoot the pico cannon (a lil fun thing to do :/) and there's a talking pico! he just says random funny things.

anyway in the game programming area i couldn't really figure how to do this kind of thing so i just made a sky MC and it follows at the top of your screen pico is shot off stage but a scripted camera follows him so yea. i'm programing clouds to come in at a certain height and there's going to be little ring boosters in the air if you go through one it shoots you farther i'm only going to make the course so long(unless i can find a way to make it infinate) and at the end there's just a brick wall :P you can hit it.. so well yea that's my plan so far. any ideas will be accepted but might not be used so.

My pico day game!

Which pico should i use???

2009-04-13 21:42:00 by Darknes2

yea so i drew 2 picos for this pico game im making for pico day and the only difference is the way i did the ear but i cant decide which ear design 2 use :/ what do yall (or anyone whom just so happens to look at this) think?

Which pico should i use???

Damn my crap computer!

2009-04-13 10:24:44 by Darknes2

well today is still better than yesterday when i had to go places :p but i just tryed to install Adobe Illustrator, aafter waiting 5 minutes for it to check my ssystem for wether or not it met the min requirements. it pops up a message:


we have detected than your system does not meet the following minimum requirements:

512 mb or RAM or more.

AGHHH i have 257mb my pc takes all it can handle to start up! i want illustrator but because my pc is shit i can run it or even install it! i wonder what kind of ram my computer needs. or how i find that out. because i know my computer is a dell.. and is windows Xp but that's it :S

in other news im working on my pico day celebration submission but idk if ill be able to finish it in time now, although i could just down the quality with the excuse of a non existent adobe illustrator program on my HD :/


2009-04-12 11:02:51 by Darknes2

damn it to hell! my gay ass parent's are forcing me to go to theyr stupid church because is easter. they cant just accept that i'm NOT christian? i mean i'm not satanic or anything, i kinda practice shamanic believes mixed in with a few other things. i didn't really believe in religion that much(much less like it) untill my friend who goes by the alias "Capn Stewmeiser"(he makes very profane music) online, got me into what he believes, and all he believes makes a lot of sense :D im not going to explain it thats not why im making this post, i'm making this post cause i'm pissed.. but i feel a lil' betta now :P


2009-04-11 11:34:47 by Darknes2

yey i finally finished that 1st tutorial and submitted it. so yea now im working on a game called LAG or launch a gknome. so far the idea seems pretty fun, its close to the kitty cannon game but with a gnome and different to boost you up when he hits the ground, he shatters which should be ton's o fun :P.

It is upon us!

2009-04-09 22:03:51 by Darknes2

YES! my friends. spring break is finally upon us, meaning i get 2 weeks of making flash shit and browsing my own and (mostly) Newgrounds's websites!

sometime in the span of the next 3 days probably tomorrow, but i cant make any promises. I will unleash my first flash item to Newgrounds!
it will be my first i have ever posted on NG so yea. i would have posted something pretty cool when i first joined but i joined at like 12:00 am and then went to bed planning to release shit the next day but unfortunately the next morning i awoke, started my computer, went to add finishing touches to my flash and WHAM!! my computer committed the biggest FUCK YOU! any computer can. it deleted the whole file i kept ALL my flash sources in (the only i had, which i never backed-up). so THAT's why i didn't already release something.

but now on-to what i'll be releasing.
i will be releasing the first installment of a POSSIBLE series of flash tutorials that explain (with audio recordings) how to make flash games! yes, yes i know there are alreadt a great many tutorial out there about how to do the exact smae thing. but i decided its a good cause 1 more can only help things, right? also i showed it to some of my "computer handicapped" freinds, whose names i'll not mention and they said "i actually get this mumbo jumbo the way you explain it" so yea i decided id keep presing and actually finish it :D so yes there is my post! enjoy all of nobody whom reads my things(echoing) :P

Making flash tutorial series on making flash games!

2009-04-03 23:48:12 by Darknes2

yea like the title says i'm (planning) on making this into a series, i'm making tutorial in flash about how to make flash games i'm currently only on my 1st one and it's about how to move sprites ya know. it explains what sprites are (just got done w/ that part) then i'm going to explain X & Y.
then. ill teach bout functions(how to pass and use arguments) THEN ill finally teach how to move things using a move function :D! so yea that's what i been up to l8ly.


2009-04-01 20:18:30 by Darknes2

so yeah... a few minutes ago at around 6:50 pm on Wednsday 4/1/2009. my computer crashed because my flash portes are screwed up.. so i restart my computer. i plug my flash drive in(i carry EVERYTHING on my flash drive cause its 8gigs) and start up Flash Professional 8 and Audacity, i then receive the "Undeleted Temporary Files" message from Audacity. I Clicked "Yes delete these files now" and it deletes my WHOLE directory containig ALL my flash sources iv EVER made. but hey ya know this is just my luck considering i hadn't ever backed anything up(excluding the c++ codes iv been working on for about... 4 years now). so yea im going through mood swings atm and being depressed and stuff cause i have to remake the Flash game, Flash movie, flash tutorial, and my flash website. O M G! i hate this, so yea that's my rant >_>