Entry #1


2009-04-01 20:18:30 by Darknes2

so yeah... a few minutes ago at around 6:50 pm on Wednsday 4/1/2009. my computer crashed because my flash portes are screwed up.. so i restart my computer. i plug my flash drive in(i carry EVERYTHING on my flash drive cause its 8gigs) and start up Flash Professional 8 and Audacity, i then receive the "Undeleted Temporary Files" message from Audacity. I Clicked "Yes delete these files now" and it deletes my WHOLE directory containig ALL my flash sources iv EVER made. but hey ya know this is just my luck considering i hadn't ever backed anything up(excluding the c++ codes iv been working on for about... 4 years now). so yea im going through mood swings atm and being depressed and stuff cause i have to remake the Flash game, Flash movie, flash tutorial, and my flash website. O M G! i hate this, so yea that's my rant >_>


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2009-04-01 20:23:04

Meh, that's life.

Darknes2 responds:

yea, but its not all negative i mean i learned to back tihngs up AND it inspired me to work harder on the making flash games tutorals im... making... ^_^


2009-04-01 20:23:20