It is upon us!

2009-04-09 22:03:51 by Darknes2

YES! my friends. spring break is finally upon us, meaning i get 2 weeks of making flash shit and browsing my own and (mostly) Newgrounds's websites!

sometime in the span of the next 3 days probably tomorrow, but i cant make any promises. I will unleash my first flash item to Newgrounds!
it will be my first i have ever posted on NG so yea. i would have posted something pretty cool when i first joined but i joined at like 12:00 am and then went to bed planning to release shit the next day but unfortunately the next morning i awoke, started my computer, went to add finishing touches to my flash and WHAM!! my computer committed the biggest FUCK YOU! any computer can. it deleted the whole file i kept ALL my flash sources in (the only i had, which i never backed-up). so THAT's why i didn't already release something.

but now on-to what i'll be releasing.
i will be releasing the first installment of a POSSIBLE series of flash tutorials that explain (with audio recordings) how to make flash games! yes, yes i know there are alreadt a great many tutorial out there about how to do the exact smae thing. but i decided its a good cause 1 more can only help things, right? also i showed it to some of my "computer handicapped" freinds, whose names i'll not mention and they said "i actually get this mumbo jumbo the way you explain it" so yea i decided id keep presing and actually finish it :D so yes there is my post! enjoy all of nobody whom reads my things(echoing) :P


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