2009-04-12 11:02:51 by Darknes2

damn it to hell! my gay ass parent's are forcing me to go to theyr stupid church because is easter. they cant just accept that i'm NOT christian? i mean i'm not satanic or anything, i kinda practice shamanic believes mixed in with a few other things. i didn't really believe in religion that much(much less like it) untill my friend who goes by the alias "Capn Stewmeiser"(he makes very profane music) online, got me into what he believes, and all he believes makes a lot of sense :D im not going to explain it thats not why im making this post, i'm making this post cause i'm pissed.. but i feel a lil' betta now :P


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2009-04-12 11:04:33

Yeah, well there's always going to be people like that, who simply can't accept others going along with something else than they do.

Darknes2 responds:

yes but most of those people can't force THEYR religion on you by making you go to they'r church. most of the time you can say NO or in this case FUCK NO! :S but yea thanx for understanding!